Friday, May 8, 2015

Are you a child or a follower of God..?

Dear brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ,
Do you follow Christ ?
If your answer is yes ! then my counter question to you is do you love your god given crosses or are u ready to carry your cross each moment of your life. We know that, if you say that you follow Christ and don't carry the God given crosses you are a fake christian. We all know and profess our faith that Jesus is the 'Way', 'Truth', and 'Life'.  In this The Way means The way to the heaven where our Heavenly Father is. Our 'Way' (Jesus) opted His way by carrying the cross. Then how can we opt another way to heaven ? We may be physically, mentally or even spiritually weak. So we can ask our Lord the strength To carry our cross because He was the only human who carried His cross without complaining or asking God to take back the cross and The only one who succeeded in doing 'Gods Will' heart fully. we can not compare our crosses with the holy cross of Jesus Christ because His Cross was Unbearable that any human can.
If you want to be a child of god, then carry our cross as our Father (Jesus) has carried.
While carrying the cross we must be happy for the reason that our way to heaven is becoming closer and we are ensuring that we will go to the place where our Heavenly Father reigns..
Let our lord Jesus strengthen you all to carry your Cross..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 14 - the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross of Lord (Triumph of the Cross)

Every Christian honor and venerate the Holy Cross by which the compassionate Lord redeemed the world. Even non-Christians have a respect for the Cross. The Cross is adored specially by the faithful on the 'Good Friday' service throughout the world by most Christian denominations.

Apart from that, the universal Church has allotted a special feast day to honor the 'Holy Cross of the Lord' . It is on the 14th of September. It is to commemorate two historical events: the first is: the finding of the Life-giving Holy Cross on which the Lord died, in 326, and second is: its recovery from Persia in the year 628.

The Cross is a powerful weapon against demons and evil-spirits. When the Lord won the mankind with His Holy Cross, the satan was defeated and hence his dark forces fear the cross. Christians place crosses at their homes to drive away evil spirits and to get the unconditional powerful protection of the Lord.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cross is Loved by the Messiah and hated by the devil

There are many people, claiming to be the followers of the Lord, but are afraid of the 'crosses' in their lives. It is very sad and odd. Who ever argues that a 'cross' is not necessarily be a tool towards glory, is not a 'true' desciple of the Lord, who loved with His full 'will' the pain, the sufferings, and all the humiliation in embrasing the 'cross' and offering as a 'sacrifice' to the Almighty God, in atonement of our sins.

While on the Cross, the Lord was abused by the thief on His left side, saying, 'if you are the Son of God, you save yourself and us from this painful death'. These were the words of the satan. At the same time, the good thief at the right side of the Lord did not desire for an immediate escape from his cross, but repents for his sins and Prays the Lord to grant him eternal life...! He was atonce granted too...!

Even the Almighty Lord, endured all the inexplicable sufferings on the Cross. So who ever wishes to follow Him must carry his/her own crosses in life, without murmering, and must follow the Lord to reach the 'Paradise'...! Our crosses are not woodden crosses, but sickness, pain, troubles, financial crisis, humiliation, etc.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The end of the Cross is Eternal Glory

Those people who lack in Faith and non-believers consider wrongly that the cross is the beginning of shame and troubles. The fact one understands from the Holy Cross of the Lord is that the cross ends with glory and rewards for those sees the cross with hope and endurance.

When we enter the Good Friday, we are very sure and confident that the Resurrection is very near on Sunday, the third day. When we encounter with crosses in our lives, we need to be patient and hopeful that it will end and our glory from the Lord is at hand.

Happy and Blessed Easter 2011...!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to my Blog. God Bless You...!

Dear Faithful, welcome to my blog...!

Thank you for continuing in the Precious Love of our Lord.

I request the devotees of the Lord to give the highest Honor to the Most Holy Name in this universe...!

I also request everyone who enters the court of the Lord to show proper reverence by observing Good Body Language Positions...!


The Way of The Cross in the Lent Season

Our Beloved Savior carried the Cross on which he was to be nailed and killed, about two thousand years. It is neither a myth nor a story. It is fully historical and true. Though HE does not expect HIS devotees to carry any crosses or to be crucified, it is highly appreciable if the faithful pray the 'Way of the Cross' during the holy season of lent at least on Fridays, to commemorate the intensity of our Dear Lords Supreme sacrifices for the mankind. While making this prayerful activity it is essential to do it with some penance, meditating the agony, pain and the inexplicable passion of the Lord.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CROSS Before & After CHRIST


Cross was once used by the Roman rulers to punish the hardcore criminals, and anti-nationals by crucifying the accused and hanging him unto death in a public place. Those who committed serious crimes, treacherous to the country and rioted against the government were usually sentenced to crucifixion. The wretched death on the cross, nailed to it was considered to be the meanest, most humiliating and agonizing.

Cross was so much a dreaded weapon, that its mere sight itself created horror among the people. Cross very much was hated, detested and despised by one and all.


Cross became a venerable icon after the Lord’s voluntary offering of HIS invaluable life on it by shedding HIS precious and Holy Blood on it and allowing HIS blemish less Body to be pierced and HIS Sacred Hands and legs to be nailed, for the recovery of the human race including you and me.

Some people claiming to be Christians still consider the cross just as an apparatus to kill the culprits. They blame and attack the ones who carry or consider the ‘Cross’ Holy as it was used by the Lord for the accomplishment of HIS Salvation Mission. Even St Paul says, "For some the Cross is a matter of shame but for us it is a proud symbol of our redemption."