Friday, May 8, 2015

Are you a child or a follower of God..?

Dear brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ,
Do you follow Christ ?
If your answer is yes ! then my counter question to you is do you love your god given crosses or are u ready to carry your cross each moment of your life. We know that, if you say that you follow Christ and don't carry the God given crosses you are a fake christian. We all know and profess our faith that Jesus is the 'Way', 'Truth', and 'Life'.  In this The Way means The way to the heaven where our Heavenly Father is. Our 'Way' (Jesus) opted His way by carrying the cross. Then how can we opt another way to heaven ? We may be physically, mentally or even spiritually weak. So we can ask our Lord the strength To carry our cross because He was the only human who carried His cross without complaining or asking God to take back the cross and The only one who succeeded in doing 'Gods Will' heart fully. we can not compare our crosses with the holy cross of Jesus Christ because His Cross was Unbearable that any human can.
If you want to be a child of god, then carry our cross as our Father (Jesus) has carried.
While carrying the cross we must be happy for the reason that our way to heaven is becoming closer and we are ensuring that we will go to the place where our Heavenly Father reigns..
Let our lord Jesus strengthen you all to carry your Cross..

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  1. This post was Heart touching to me.
    From now on, i will carry my cross whole-heartedly.


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