Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CROSS Before & After CHRIST


Cross was once used by the Roman rulers to punish the hardcore criminals, and anti-nationals by crucifying the accused and hanging him unto death in a public place. Those who committed serious crimes, treacherous to the country and rioted against the government were usually sentenced to crucifixion. The wretched death on the cross, nailed to it was considered to be the meanest, most humiliating and agonizing.

Cross was so much a dreaded weapon, that its mere sight itself created horror among the people. Cross very much was hated, detested and despised by one and all.


Cross became a venerable icon after the Lord’s voluntary offering of HIS invaluable life on it by shedding HIS precious and Holy Blood on it and allowing HIS blemish less Body to be pierced and HIS Sacred Hands and legs to be nailed, for the recovery of the human race including you and me.

Some people claiming to be Christians still consider the cross just as an apparatus to kill the culprits. They blame and attack the ones who carry or consider the ‘Cross’ Holy as it was used by the Lord for the accomplishment of HIS Salvation Mission. Even St Paul says, "For some the Cross is a matter of shame but for us it is a proud symbol of our redemption."

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