Sunday, October 25, 2009


All Christians know, believe and agree that Lord Jesus Christ Redeemed this world (the entire humanity - without any discrimination of any kind) with a huge, hard and heavy CROSS. The Lord completed HIS Salvation Mission by carrying the heavy cross made of logs to the Calvary Mount, suffering much pain and strain, shedding HIS precious-blemish-less and most Holy Blood and Offering HIS invaluable Life willingly on It.

Lord Jesus Christ has commanded HIS followers to 'Carry their own crosses' who ever wanted to follow HIM.

Most Christians venerate the CROSS as it was used by Lord Jesus Christ for the Salvation of the world (before the death of the Master, cross was a sign of curse & insult). Some Christians wear 'cross' on their body, and some in their vehicles, and some others in their homes. Most Christian Churches and Prayer halls, place a beautiful cross on the top of them and inside them.

But in real life, most Christians dislike to face (and are in fact afraid of) their real crosses that is given to them to carry as part of their Redemption ...! Even many anointed and gifted servants do not wish to see a 'cross' in their lives.

Some say it is a curse of the Lord.
Some others say "God has forsaken me"
But only very few understand that it is God's plan and accept it as a means of redemption of the sinners.

Cross appear in the forms of pains, diseases, troubles, difficulties, financial crisis, suffering, poverty, insult, disrespect, loneliness, etc. Lord Jesus expects HIS followers to carry them 'willingly' with out murmuring or complaining and thus to follow HIM in true sense.

Most Christians are desirous of leading a rich, luxurious, Easy, trouble-free, selfish life on this earth and wish (pray) to get the promised 'Everlasting Life' too. It will be good if the Passage of the 'rich man and Lazarus' from the Holy Bible (Lk.16:19-31) is meditated with devotion. It is not mentioned by the Lord as to 'the rich man' committing any serious sins...!

The main reason that led the rich man to the 'Hades filled with fire' was that when he led a life in 'great luxury', he ignored a poor, sick, suffering man before his sight.

This incident should revoke a devotee's desire for wealth and riches. Many servants of the Lord, now-a-days forget the consequences of 'a rich and luxury life', which can be a possible trap of the enemy.

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