Monday, August 29, 2011

Cross is Loved by the Messiah and hated by the devil

There are many people, claiming to be the followers of the Lord, but are afraid of the 'crosses' in their lives. It is very sad and odd. Who ever argues that a 'cross' is not necessarily be a tool towards glory, is not a 'true' desciple of the Lord, who loved with His full 'will' the pain, the sufferings, and all the humiliation in embrasing the 'cross' and offering as a 'sacrifice' to the Almighty God, in atonement of our sins.

While on the Cross, the Lord was abused by the thief on His left side, saying, 'if you are the Son of God, you save yourself and us from this painful death'. These were the words of the satan. At the same time, the good thief at the right side of the Lord did not desire for an immediate escape from his cross, but repents for his sins and Prays the Lord to grant him eternal life...! He was atonce granted too...!

Even the Almighty Lord, endured all the inexplicable sufferings on the Cross. So who ever wishes to follow Him must carry his/her own crosses in life, without murmering, and must follow the Lord to reach the 'Paradise'...! Our crosses are not woodden crosses, but sickness, pain, troubles, financial crisis, humiliation, etc.

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